Had me

She would have 
Had me dead 
Had I had 
A way 
To kill 

Instead of dead 
She had me
Make her mine 
And now she
Has me still 


I see now that
Before we'd even met
I'd left 

With the nod 
To consenting escape
I'd fled 

Our melding only 
A matter of arbitration 
Another guilty stab 
From which I 
Woke sweating 


Scattered Me

My throat closes in horror
When I think of you
My blood
Scattered to the four corners
Then, no less furher 
Out of reach, the fifth

Left only concerning
What my senses claim
Or serves to witness
My day to day


Embered Embrace

He tugged and squeezed
As if he meant to rinse
The very life out of her 
As if that part of himself 
Buried deep within her 
Was all that kept her alive 
And with each thrust 
The promise of new life 
Was bestowed upon him

A Swim

She waits
Ready to sound me out
A board to show me back
As I sink into her
Give myself over
So that I might see
Myself in her arms
Her embrace
The shape that I make
The ripples of our collision
Yet as I remove myself
Returning entranced
I miss the depth
That I found
From floating 
On her surface



How eerily those islands vanish
Beneath the quickening silver
Yet still they stand
In hopeful watch
Upon that glistening mirror

In sudden gust, most depart
To seek a higher pasture
Leaving the less timid
Souls, who brave
The rising water 

Until a solitary remains
A puzzle cross his beak
No friends remain
To mark his side
Or with him help him seek


Far Too Far

I should be out 
Living but instead
I feel out-lived 
My soul too old 
To be added too
Again and again 
And again and
Too much new and 
Not enough end 
Far too far from 
The start now 
To say when 

Remember Gently

Amidst the noise
the battles hue
where once encumbered 
thine enemies slew

I hastened from
my measured tomb
and sort a path
whom no one knew


(And) in time, and after a time, 
they grew to remembering each others bodies. 
And their bodies remembered each other. 
And the warmth grew and from it, 
fond memories were made 
for both bodies to cherish.


Would every evil 
that men befate
Draw fair breath 
Or from smoke 
Make shape 

Go Out

By thunders rumble 
Or good graces touch 
Of fates entwine 
Must of we have much 

For what we do 
Or go out and have 
Makes us that much more 
Than we'd be without 


My life 
T wit I have lived 
Without shoulds 
Of would'ves 

Has reached 
An impass 
A boarder with 
With could'ves

So I fair 
Unbound to untie
My house built 
Of twigs 

And instead
Only require 
An abode fair safe 
Fit for pigs 

Not Long After

Long after, or not 
I'm still deciding 
I had into the woods and laid 
By the stove I crouched 
Listening to its drawing in 
A seamless eternal inhale 

I decided still
Not long, after
I could have for hours 
This sweet embrace maintained 
Instead to made move off I did 
From an endless bliss I refrained 

A Band Of Glass

Like a band of glass
She ran right through me
Without incurring a grace
Or of favour thus
Instead with beaten brow
Did he mould a humility
As grass parts it's shape
For the serpent
Which for no less slender reason
Might pause and bow

My Hairs Bredth

I set off with a smile
That this might be my last 
Not given by mine to take 
But taken by others 
By my last hairs bredth 
Is this my dying wish


Completely Paused

I paused completely
Each time my eyes
Cut the view, so to
From the floor
I might
Salvage at perhaps
A later date
To dine again upon
And savour each
Beaming morsel

The Dawn Of Creation

It dawned
Ever so suddenly 
With less worth
Than hope
Or providence
Could endure 
That not all 
Was lost 
Only his will
To withstand
What he alone 
Had created 

The Importance Of Being Earnest

Powder dry
Nickel shone
From my hip
It hangs unslung

Ready to bear
Witness to
All the deeds
I have done wrong



I was both damned 
And saved 
By the rules 
The whistle laid down
That single
Beat required
For as the piper 
Made depart 
That eerie unblushed play 
My heart both sunk 
A lept again 
Staying not for 
Safetys stake 


Men Whom Upon Horse Ride

I see the easy manner 
Of horses upon whom men ride 
That casual gait 
From hips transferred 
Two bodies that in one hide 

Their tokens trussed up 
In even bags 
Ready to call  
Any wayward halt 

A home
For freedom springs 
By march desired 
To journey less

More to roam


As If

 Not, by proxy 
Of acts distilled
Nor even deeds undone 
Or thus withholding 
What went unsaid 
But for the very act 
Of being itself 
Was a swift 
And no less devisve 
Punishment measured out 
That left no gains
Or chance of hope


Some Other Plain

I sit, still unwarey from sleep 
No attempt given 
To gather sense from my thoughts
Nor fleeing from feeling you 
Pressed up against me 
On some other plain
Where quietly I am
Just looking


I saw your lips 
Set them free 
Goaded forth 
By the look you gave me 

Now they circle 
Those drawn out sounds 
That speak of missing 
A chance we found 

Slipped Reigns

So it is then
That his untethered reign 
Begins again 
Not cast by lot 
But from knot unslipped 
Adrift but not lost 
A host laid immune 
 By her most gentle wake
To perils left unmade 

The Fire

I was lain basking
While near by
The esteemed wood
Hissed and cracked
Gently on the open grate

How pleasure unfolds
Is quite beyond 

My masking
Yet incandescently it ventures forth
And shines for all its worth

For Sale

Eyes doused 
In sleepless bemusement
His souls commodity a vacant lot 
Which no for sale sign can furnish 
Save for wondrous living 
Whose details saved 
By burnished gold 
Which glints and 
Then is gone



He pounced upon 
Those ten thousand hours
As if by a cunning devour 
He might save all that 
His memory betrayed
Some fickle notion 
That he was but one 
Among many 
And by some divine notion 
He might come at last 
To peace


The Scent

Like some ancient wounded foe 
Whose last feint breath resides 
Which no fight can draw out thus
Given only by acceptance might
By equal task of measured reign 
Send not out to pitch and fail but 
Must I to my pillow lie
And take her scent again



He dressed himself 
In a steady wariness
As if he meant 
By sombre appearance
To tell her 
Of the depth of things 


I Dreamt

I dreamt I died of thirst 
Only to wake to find I was drowning 
The smell of the sweet water 
Undoing me from my slumber 
For my soul the weight 


The Sign

I felt it push me over 
Yet here I am still standing 
A sign, no doubt
Of how deep I'm in
A slave to my own demanding

The Beauty

That's one
Of the beauties
Of maddness.

Is that it can't
Be helped.... 

A Fire

I saw the fire once
First when I was young 
Then when I was taller
It haunted my shadow
Until it grew to complete me

Now with embers shining
Still, I seek it instead
For within that terror recognised 
Comes a comfort to which 
I'm lost without 



I fought, back and thought 
My escape was assured 
Yet, it seems in hindsight 
That despite my forethought 
I was just unwilling to outwit 
Completely, the thought of you. 


A Wash

I dreamt with open eyes 
Yet still I sit unbelieving 
With a taste of the profound 
Still awash from whence 
It runeth over and caught me


My Thread

I can feel my edges
Being tugged at
Some loose
Heart-bound thread
Dying to be unraveled 

My fingers tremble
As I fumble
Purposeful like 
Not wanting to
Tamper or be pulled 

Yet still like a ghost
With body lost
I drift tide like
Towards my inevitable 
Glorious demise


A Driven Blizzard

Before that pure driven
Devouring of blizzards
I quietly put my mind aside
For sometimes it seems right
That without quite
The thought of my might
(Or might of my thought)
I might be able to rid
The ape from the pause
Sit and silently slow
My heart and its riddled beat
Until it skips no more.


So he waited
Half crazed
Waiting to be saved
For his lonely bliss to return 
For his desperate escape to be made 

But still left standing and unrewarded 
For his time spent longing 
His bail fully paid
But no freedom

So condemned to living bare
Soul laid naked no hiding 
He trust up his faith
And tied up his care
And made his time sit up
No longer for biding