Not So Clever

So far, in my recent bloggings anyway, I am have cleverly managed to actually reveal very little about my self. It all very well rambling on about this and that but its all just words and paper if its not backed up with any personal insight.

So let me share this with you.

For the past few years I have been struggling. Struggling to see the funny side of life. Struggling to make sense of life. As a result I have suffered and my relationships have suffered. Don't get me wrong - its not all doom and gloom but something is broken and needs fixing.

I have taken various steps to try and aid my situation but so far little has come to fruition. That was until yesterday. Yesterday I went to see someone. Yesterday I tried something different. I sat, and was talked at for 2 hours, during which the data programs in my brain were re-adjusted, I was given some tools to help me make a difference in my life and some seeds were planted in my unconscious.

Now I'm not sure what kinda of fruit this will bear: will be edible? Will it be tasty? But one thing I am aware of is that something is growing...