Your Space

Just a quick note to go with the posted picture. I remember that for a while in a weekend paper supplement magazine, they ran a series that consisted of pictures of various writers and artists work spaces. It was accompanied by a foot-note explaining why they had creative spaces set up as they had. And the significance of anything in particular that could be seen.

I poured over these pictures in great detail and was fascinated by what I saw. To me each picture, each work space, was a clear reflection of the character and persona of the individual who created it.

Now I publish mine, some what hesitantly, not sure what exactly I'm revealing (don't judge me by my wallpaper, it was like that when I got here - honest!!) I would of course change a few things, like being closer to a window or having my plants closer, which got me thinking about rearranging my space. If I move I'll be sure to let you know.

Moving on and adjacent to this, one mustn't forget (or erase it from your memory it's up to you), that a picture is a neutral object and what one see's if merely a reflection of the self and ones state of being. So in many ways the pictures or events you come across in life can serve the same purpose, provide you with the opportunity to reflect on not only WHAT you see, but How you see it.

Added a second shot of another of my work/play spaces which I use..