The Master of Me

Out of the clouds and the roof tops it howls.

Nought stopping its coming. Not even my scowl.

So turning around and hunkering down.

I close myself off from that inevitable sound.

Yet gently it caresses the back of my neck.

Teasing me open and exposing my breast.

My head wants to turn to face what has flight.

Yet scared I am of what I might sight.

Distractions can last for only so long.

The melody and words that make up a song.

The print on the page or the man over there.

Mine eyes seek escape to where I don’t care.

As one my mind and my heart become still.

And the racing begins and weak is my will.

I look to see from what I’ve been shying.

But nothing appears from outside of me prying.

A sigh of relief do my lungs release.

And a smile appears that such company keeps.

For what I choose is all that I see.

For I am a king. The Master of Me.