Can’t wait winked out from cloak and hood
That ancient pause of no steely good
By bell-freed church and unholy hand
Requests are made not by command
We’ll meet again his sight replied
As from water ditch and bramble fly
If from smashing or from fleeing foe
Mine clutch you’ll see and I your sabre know
Whether ribs they part and heart undone
By snapping neck or disease un-won
Ten fingers slipping to which I grasp
Paired hands held tight unto the last
Ticket and drink then to see the show
No pardon powered from its meek glow
Seats a-ring side he’ll have a view
From gaze and staff will come his cue
When they in you look those sooth sayers wands
Clothe and dress you in palms fanned from
The tears and silence of worthwhile hearts
So a tugging you might feel to swift depart
Then maybe upwards amble in plain disgust
That path made up of fortunes dust
Or creaking staircase from rafters flow
That belly southwards and dip below
So haste not make to hurry some break
Dwell some steady and in love mistake
When nightly sleep your soul swims uncut
Dream, remember and wake up