How Lucky Am I

How lucky am I 
To have felt his bristles on my cheek 
When he tucked me up goodnight
Or at the airport meets

How lucky am I
To have seen him on the beach
Picking out the catch together
Ignoring cries of 'put something on your feet!' 

How lucky am I 
When he let me steer the car
A childhood spent in the sea
Still ignoring cries of 'don't go out to far!'

How lucky am I 
That he worked so tirelessly 
Up before the crack of dawn 
Murdering a cup of tea 

How lucky am I 
To have seen so much
To have come so far
Because he cared so much

How lucky am I 
To have been so close
To have held his hand 
He was my very most

How lucky am I 
When all is said and done
Although we have to do the washing up now
We can run hot water all day long